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Enigma: Our name comes from …

History and Etymology for enigma:


A person, thing, or situation that is mysterious, puzzling, or ambiguous [Latin (Ænigma) aenigma, from Greek ainigma, from ainissesthai, ainig-, to speak in riddles, from ainos, fable.]

Enigma is a self-exploration project, comes from the affection between Art and Textile. The idea is to introduce to the public from Enigma point of view about Art and Textile into textile products.

About Us

By choosing sustainable and organic products, We believe that you can impact positively, not only to your own health and well-being but also of the whole environment and your loved ones.

Enigma Art Textile or better known as Enigma is a Hand Made Indonesian Natural Textile in contemporary look, influenced by the affection between Art and Textile, founded in late 2016.

All the fabric is made by 100% Organic Fiber with the process of handwork by Indonesian

master artisan in Central Java and Bali where our textile is made with traditional technique one at a time (Hand Weaving in contemporary and traditional designs, Batik, Tie Dye, Hand Painting, Screen Printing, etc). We do this by producing less with small batch manners. As such we are hand-made, there may be variations in size, colors, thickness, etc. This gives each product a unique and meaningful look and is part of the story and branding of Enigma brand.

Developing Circles of Sustainability is part of a larger project called ‘Circles of Social Life’ where we are related one to another on this community and environment to be better.

This is one of our mission to keep these circles of sustainability.


There is just one Mother earth (Pertiwi) and all their entities and we love her. So, not just socially good but we’re trying to be nice to her also.

We really appreciate manual work because there is a process of imperfection and a soul that is  transferred to each product. Hand made work have a soul of their own, it gives a humanist value.

We do this by producing less with small batch manners. Carefully select every natural materials, maintain every process by our own eyes and hand (also heart) and resulting in functional and multi purposes refined goods. Artists and makers carefully source the materials to create the textile products. These materials then become the root and intention for their objects and form as designs are given life by the physical characteristics of these native materials.

Enigma hopes to celebrate and encourage the artisans and makers who have dedicated their live’s work to honoring craftsmanship, textile, tradition, and the local arts/community.

About Us Enigma Art Textile
“Sustainable Fashion is not a trend but the future.”

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